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Tests you can trust

A high-level abstraction
Test Automation Platform to write tests with ease.

Automate all your tests

Too many software projects are still relying on error-prone, time-consuming and long-cycled human testing.

  • How much would you reduce your costs and time to market if you could automate 100% of your regression testing?

  • How much did your last upgrade cost in testing? How long are your UAT cycles?

  • How would it be if you could dramatically shorten them?

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Easy to install, easy to learn, easy to use

Test Maker is a future-proof high-level abstraction Test Automation Platform that aims to relieve the pain of setting up, installation of dependencies and allows the developer to focus on writing tests with ease.


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Key Features:

  • Seamless upgrades regression testing from weeks to minutes.

  • Full integration with your CD/CI pipeline.

  • Full traceability with requirements from

  • User Story - Acceptance Criteria - Test Case - Test Results

  • GxP compliance in an Agile context for real

  • Multi-levels of parallelism

and more!


Demonstrating the benefits from unprecedented speed and cost reduction

Test Maker in the Pharmaceutical Industry

A pharmaceutical company with very strict GxPcompliance requirements. The application helps to manage the end-to-end process of a new product launch or a change with an existing product in the company. It is a complex application involving many Pegasystems case types dependent on each other.

Key highlights:

  • 55-man days of testing effort saved thanks to fully automated testing.

  • 2.5 days of effort for the upgrade thanks to full regression testing preventing bug late in the process.

Key requirements of Test Maker:

  • GxP Compliance

  • Screenshot taken after each step

  • Application quality

  • Quick reports


Disrupting the insurance world with Test Maker

Macif is an insurance company with the ambition to become No.1 in France in customer relationships. The project goal is to deploy a CRM foundation across all business units based on Pega.5 dev teams were working together at the same time.

Key benefits of Test Maker:

  • Quick execution (600+ tests in 1 hour 30 min)

  • Fast Pega upgrade

  • 20 days manual testing every day saved

  • 5 teams working collaboratively on Pega

  • 8000 to 10 000EUR saved thanks to TM

Key highlights:

  • 125-man days of testing effort saved thanks to fully automated testing

  • 10 days lead time for the upgrade thanks to full regression testing accelerating feedback cycles.

Key requirements of Test Maker:

  • Fast reports

  • Application quality

  • Stable task execution

  • Decision maker regarding Pega deployment

Case Studies

Join the future of testing

Be part of a leading community that takes software development to the next level. Access to documentation and techniques that break through traditional approaches and deliver unprecedented value. Start experiencing the power of Test Maker today!


Introducing, a  NEW  Test Maker feature

Test Maker Extension

The Test Maker extension transforms your Test Maker experience with a seamless UI interface that minimizes terminal usage and manual code writing.

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  • Test Maker extension for Visual Studio Code
    Introducing the Test Maker Extension for Visual Studio Code, a game-changer in test creation. This extension brings a sleek user interface right within the editor, transforming your testing experience. With its seamless UI interface, you can perform Test Maker tasks directly from the UI, minimizing the need for terminal usage and manual code writing. Embrace the convenience and efficiency as you effortlessly handle Test Maker tasks, all from within the intuitive UI of Visual Studio Code. Experience the power of simplified test creation with the Test Maker Extension, where UI-based functionality takes center stage.
  • Run Test Maker Profile
    The Test Maker Extension for Visual Studio Code takes test execution to the next level by automatically detecting and running Test Maker profiles. With just one click, you can execute your tests using your target profile, eliminating the need for manual configuration.
  • Realtime Test Explorer with Report and Statistics
    The Test Maker Extension for Visual Studio Code revolutionizes test result analysis by offering real-time execution feedback, comprehensive statistics with beautiful charts, attachment and evidence viewing capabilities, and detailed error reporting. With these features, analyzing test results becomes simplified and precise, allowing for efficient debugging and accurate identification of failure sources. This extension provides a streamlined workflow, empowering users to gain valuable insights and accelerate the analysis of test outcomes.
  • Test Maker Actions Templates
    With over 170 actions available, the Test Maker Extension for Visual Studio Code simplifies your workflow by automatically generating code for each action with a single click. Additionally, the extension intelligently selects the best selector strategy when necessary, eliminating the need for manual configuration. This seamless integration of code generation and selector strategy selection ensures a smooth and efficient test creation process, allowing you to focus on writing tests rather than dealing with tedious coding or selector decisions.
  • Bundled or custom Test Maker installation
    The Test Maker Extension for Visual Studio Code offers the flexibility to install a specific version of Test Maker or use the bundled version, while also providing the convenience of generating an express/Pega project structure with a single click. This streamlined approach allows you to choose the desired Test Maker version and quickly set up the necessary project structure for express/Pega-based tests, enhancing efficiency and convenience within your development workflow.
  • Open AI Test Maker Code Generator
    By integrating with cutting-edge AI technology like OpenAI, our Test Maker Extension takes test generation to new heights, enabling you to save valuable time. Harnessing the power of AI, you can generate Test Maker code effortlessly, streamlining the test creation process and increasing productivity. With this advanced integration, you can rely on AI to assist you in generating high-quality code and optimize your testing workflow, allowing you to focus on other critical tasks. Embrace the future of testing with our AI-powered Test Maker Extension and experience the time-saving benefits it brings.
  • Real-time Recorder
    The Test Maker Extension features a versatile and non-destructive recorder that automatically and manually records user actions in the browser, generating Test Maker code. With a comprehensive list of powerful selector strategies, the recorder intelligently suggests the best strategy for each scenario. Its unique flexibility allows users to delete recorded actions or seamlessly switch to manual code writing while recording, enabling a combination of automated and custom code creation in a single workflow.
  • Multi selector strategy
    The recorder in the Test Maker Extension goes beyond providing users with a comprehensive list of possible selector strategies. It incorporates an intelligent algorithm that not only presents all available selector strategies but also identifies and suggests the most stable strategy to use. This intelligent selection process eliminates the need for extensive trial and error or manual investigation to determine the right selector. By leveraging this feature, users can save significant time and effort in selecting the optimal selector strategy, streamlining their test creation process and enhancing overall productivity.

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